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I post selfmate 1D imagines (Also Dirty and Personal ones.)
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Your in the shower when your phone rings.
You dry yourself and take your phone from the sink when you see it’s Niall.
Why does he call me? He’s home..
But okay.
Niall why do you call me?
Cause i need to tell you something.
And that can’t wait?
Why? Because i need it now..
What? You ask but then Niall hang up.
You hear the bedroom door opening.
Niall texts you.
Babe, i’m really horny. Let’s have sex.
You raise your eyebrow.
Well i guess you have to wait pretty boy, i’m in the shower! You call out.
You left your phone on the sink en get back in the shower.
You didn’t notice but Niall opened the door and got in.
Completely naked.
Your standing in the shower with your eyes closed when Niall got into the shower.
It’s a big shower for two.
Niall starts kissing your neck.
When you reconize Niall is with you you turn around.
I told you to wait! You laugh.
But i need you now, he say hungry.
He stand close to you when you feel something hard to your stomach.
Niall got a erection so back you never saw.
When he watches your body it even becomes bigger.
You laugh and kiss Niall passionatly.
He pushes you towards the shower wand and start touching your body.
His left hand is on your boob and your right hand goes down.
When he got to your pussy he rubs your clit teasing you.
You moan softly.
He enters two fingers in your pussy and starts pumping. You got more excited and moan louder.
Beg for me, he breathes as he get his fingers out.
I need you, NOW Niall you moan loud.
You start whisper in his ears how much you need him.
He massage your boob and start rub your clit again.
Now Niall.. You moan again.
He listen and put three instead of two fingers into you.
He fingers you hard start pumping in and out.
I’m gonna cum.. You breathe loud.
Niall speeds up till you cum over his hand.
My turn, you say cheeky and get down.
Niall leans towards the shower wand.
You start licking the tip of Niall’s cock before you take it in your mouth.
Soft moans escapes Niall mouth as you throat deeper and deeper.
Oh, that’s nice babe..
You pull his cock out and lick the tip again and massage his balls with your hands.
Ready for round 3? He ask.
You stand up again. Totally.
Niall turns you around and pushes you towards the wand.
Stay still babe, he commands.
He puts your hands above your head.
Get in me Niall Horan, you say.
Niall slowely get his dick in your ass.
He moans soft.
Is that nice babe?
You moan hard.
It turns Niall on and his dick got even harder. He speeds up. Harder and deeper in your ass.
You moan and breathe so loud and long.
Turning Niall on more and more.
Oh yeah babe, that’s nice.. Ughhh. He moans in your ear. Your nipples get hard and your pussy wetter.
He get het dick out of your ass and turns you around again. He starts licking your nipples ans bite it.
His other hand on your pussy.
I want to feel your wet tight pussy NOW, Niall breathes.
Niall Looks you in the eyes when he slowely put his cock inside your wet pussy. how more slow how harder you moan. You moan so loud Niall get’s faster immeditaly.
Oh my god Niall, you breathe.
Like that? He ask.

You moan and breathe loud.
He pushed you towards the wand again. He pumps so hard he lifts you up and get your legs around his waist pulling it in deeper and deeper hitting your G-spot everytime he goed back in.
This must be heaven.


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